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'Colour Tracks' vinyl record set keeps electronic music organized by color

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A new four-disc vinyl set from electronic producer Benjamin Brunn keeps music organized by assigning each genre a color.

Colour Tracks - Benjamin Brunn
Colour Tracks - Benjamin Brunn

House and techno producer Benjamin Brunn has created a new, color-coded set of vinyl records aimed at making it easier for DJs to pick and choose what kind of music they want to play. The set, called "Colour Tracks," covers 19 different genres of electronic music and each one is represented by a color. The result is a series of records full of colored rings, with the width of each ring "precisely" representing the length of a track so you know just how long it lasts. The collection includes a total of 19 different tracks that cover the history of the genre — from acid to ambient — and the whole thing spans four discs. According to Brunn there are only a few copies lof "Colour Tracks" left, but it looks like you can still grab the set from a few online retailers for €99.