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'The State of HTML5 Video' offers a positive outlook for (most of) today's top browsers

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Media platform company LongTail Research has offered up a collection of data covering adoption of the HTML5 video specification among today's top browsers.

HTML5 Logo
HTML5 Logo

Adoption of the HTML5 video specification continues to climb rapidly according to research from media platform company LongTail Video. The firm presents a wide gamut of data, gathered as part of the development process for its JW Player, on a page appropriately called "The State of HTML5 Video." Naturally it hits on the essentials like browser integration, supported file formats, and fullscreen playback capability, but LongTail's tests also dive into the nitty gritty aspects of tag attributes, JavaScript, and accessibility support. There's a clear upward trend for nearly all browsers other than past releases of Internet Explorer: versions 6, 7, and 8 forgo HTML5 video entirely, though IE9 has thankfully implemented the specification. With the looming end of mobile Flash, we'd expect to see even better progress in the months to come.