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Samsung scrapping ID cards in favor of NFC-equipped handsets

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Samsung is introducing an NFC-based employee ID card system, which will allow workers at its Suwon offices to check in using their mobile phones.

NFC Contactless Payments stock (1020)
NFC Contactless Payments stock (1020)

Samsung workers at its Suwon, South Korea offices could soon be using their mobile phones to check into work rather than ID cards. Rather than having to carry an ID card everywhere, users will now just be able to touch their phones to a barrier to enter the building. The Suwon offices account for around 40 percent of the company's staff, making this a wide rollout, and could happen in the next few months.

Samsung says that employees are far more likely to forget or lose their ID cards than phones, and for that reason, tying people's identity in with their handset should prevent lost or stolen IDs being misused. It also says that the move will be cost-saving, since it won't have to spend money on replacing the lost cards. It's a big move for the firm, which says that it will roll out the system to other locations this year too, and another major milestone for NFC following the introduction of systems like Google Wallet and Barclaycard's PayTag in recent months.