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NimbleTV wants to stream your cable subscription to any device

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A new streaming service called NimbleTV is hoping to stream your cable TV subscription to any internet-enabled device.


Today NimbleTV announced a private beta for a new service that will let you stream cable TV on any internet-enabled device. It works like this: you purchase a cable subscription through NimbleTV (with an extra, yet-to-be-determined "small fee" placed on top), which then lets you stream any of the channels you're paying for to a phone, tablet, or computer. It doesn't require any additional hardware, and NimbleTV says that it will work "anywhere in the world" and lets subscribers store up to 10,000 hours of recorded video. The beta will kick off in a week and gives users access to more than 24 channels, while the public version is expected to roll out within "the next few months," where it will launch in the US and India to start. Of course, while NimbleTV sounds almost too good to be true, there's always the chance that the service will run into potential legal issues, something we've seen before with streaming services like Aereo.