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Internet Society inducts Al Gore, Craig Newark, and 31 others into new Internet Hall of Fame

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The Internet Society has inducted the first 33 members of the new Internet Hall of Fame, which includes the likes of Al Gore, Craig Newark, and Vint Cerf.

FLICKR - Al Gore
FLICKR - Al Gore

As part of its 20th anniversary celebration in Geneva, the Internet Society held an awards gala to launch its very own hall of fame — and the initial class of 33 inductees includes some of the most notable names in the short history of the internet. The members are divided into three different categories, which include pioneers, innovators, and global connectors. The pioneers include former DARPA employees and internet founders like Robert Kahn and Vint Cerf, as well as the first person to send an email across a network, Ray Tomlinson. Meanwhile, Craigslist founder Craig Newark and Mozilla Foundation chairman Mitchell Baker are amongst the innovators, and former US vice president Al Gore even made the list, inducted as one of the first nine global connectors. According to the Internet Society the awards show will now be an annual event, so you can expect to see even more notable names inducted this time next year.