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Facebook reports Q1 earnings: over 900m active users, Instagram cost $300m plus 23 million shares

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Facebook has reported earnings for the first quarter of 2012, revealing that it has now hit 900 million monthly active users.

Instagram Facebook
Instagram Facebook

Ahead of its IPO later this year, Facebook just released an updated Form S-1 with first quarter earnings that's now available for perusal in the SEC's filing system. Revenue is up considerably year over year — $1.06 billion versus $731 million a year ago — but net income is down a tad from $233 million to $205 million. The lower profit is attributed to just about everything in Facebook's financial sheet: operating and administrative costs, marketing, and R&D. Monthly active users of the service are now reported at a whopping 901 million, up from 680 million at the end of Q1 2011. That's year-over-year growth of over 32 percent. Of those 901 million, some 526 million are active on a daily basis.

Though Facebook's blockbuster purchase of Instagram isn't reflected in the Q1 numbers — the deal happened this month, and Q1 ended on March 31st — the S-1 reveals some interesting details of the acquisition. Notably, Zuckerberg's team paid some $300 million in cash plus "approximately" 23 million shares of Facebook. Considering the $1 billion sale price being thrown around, that would value those shares at a little over $30, and odds are pretty good we'll see that share price go well higher both before and after the IPO date.