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Nokia PR: Lumia 900 demand outstripping supply, don't worry about Gloss White's firmware version number


Hey folks,

Nokia PR just dropped this in our inbox, and we thought we'd share it with you verbatim. It should allay any fears you might have about data connectivity issues if you bought one of the new Gloss White models.

Good afternoon-

I have been getting a lot of questions about the Nokia Lumia 900 over the past day or two, so I wanted to take this opportunity to try and give you as much information as I have right now on the hottest topics.

· Availability: This is the biggest question, and the short answer is that demand for the Nokia Lumia 900 has been such that, while the Lumia 900 can still be found at some locations, we have also seen reports of stock outs at locations (and online channels) across the country – despite regular shipments to restock stores. We are building and shipping devices constantly – so stores are receiving more units to fulfill demand on a regular basis.

· Gloss White Version: Although we did see a few units made available as early as last week, the Nokia Lumia 900 in gloss white did make its “official” appearance in stores yesterday (Sunday, April 22).

· Software: A couple people have asked about the firmware version on the Nokia Lumia 900 units currently hitting stores (specifically the gloss white units).

Although the firmware version number is the same as the firmware version on the initial run of devices that experienced the memory management issue – in reality, this firmware is the same as the version that is available through the Zune updater – and both do not exhibit the data connectivity side effect.

In short, the Zune update version required a different number in order for the first run devices to identify that an update was available. And while the new versions of the device (i.e. the Gloss White) will see that this software update is available when connected to Zune, in reality – it is the same load of software being downloaded. However, we still would recommend that everyone buying a Lumia 900 go ahead and update their phone, since it is possible some of the original stock could still be in the channel.