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Sony's new iOS music docks use magnetic fluid to make your speakers sing

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Sony has introduced two new iOS docks, that along with a CD player and DAB digital radio support also feature one rather unique feature: speakers dampened by magnetic fluid.

Sony CMT-V75BTiP press image
Sony CMT-V75BTiP press image

The market is filled with different takes on the iPhone and iPod dock, but Sony has introduced two models that actually have a real standout feature: instead of utilizing traditional speaker dampers, they use magnetic fluid. The CMT-V75BTiP and the CMT-V50iP are a full-featured pair of devices: along with iOS compatibility, they include CD players and both DAB and DAB+ digital radio support. The differentiator here is the speakers, however. By forgoing traditional speaker design, the products are able to be thinner than many of their counterparts, and according to Sony the move to magnetic fluid results in higher-quality sound reproduction as well. If you need additional sources to pull music from, the CMT-V50iP features a USB port for connecting other music players or playing songs directly from a USB stick, while the CMT-V75BTiP allows wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth. While there's no pricing information available just yet, both models are expected to ship within the coming months.