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Ron Paul upgrading from presidential candidate to video game superhero

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A Ron Paul supporter has created a video game which features the Congressman as the main character in a mission to become President of the United States and bring an end to the Federal Reserve.

Ron Paul Video Game poster
Ron Paul Video Game poster

Congressman Ron Paul's chances of becoming the GOP presidential nominee have pretty much evaporated, but that's not to say his message of fiscal responsibility hasn't struck a chord with voters. The Texas representative has long been an outspoken critic of the Federal Reserve System, and now a loyal Libertarian supporter named Daniel Williams is helping translate that cause to the world of video games.

According to the project's Kickstarter page, Ron Paul: The Road to REVOLution was about 25 percent complete when Williams originally turned to donors for help getting it across the finish line. To that end, it took only 3 days to blow past a stated $5,000 goal and the game is scheduled to receive funding on May 1st.

Gameplay is clearly inspired by the classic sidescrolling platformers of old: throughout 50-plus levels (covering each US state), you'll collect delegates in the quest to reach the Oval Office and attempt to take down 13 bosses, each representing a branch of the Fed. The initiative is ultimately part of an effort to "make liberty sexy," according to Williams. A free-to-play browser edition of Ron Paul's virtual quest will see release first, though iOS, Android, and even Xbox Live Indie versions are also in the works.