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Antelope's Rubicon preamp has a built-in atomic clock for ultra low jitter

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Antelope Audio has announced the Rubicon Atomic AD/DA Preamp, the world's first preamp with a built-in rubidium atomic clock.

antelope atomic preamp
antelope atomic preamp

The exacting ear of the serious audiophile can be a hard master to please. The crystal oscillator-based clocks in most modern digital-to-analog converters (DACs) can still produce enough jitter to practically ruin our Enya albums, but thankfully the people at Antelope Audio have a solution. The Rubicon Atomic Preamp is the first DAC with an integrated rubidium atomic clock, and Antelope claims you'll benefit from 100,000 times the stability of your current setup. If that's not enough, the Rubicon is compatible with DLNA, meaning you can stream any media from your smartphone, PC, or NAS server to the device and listen to it with the same technology Antelope uses for its professional master clocks. There's no official word on price, but rest assured it will look dynamite next to your 20MK3 turntable.