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Meizu MX and M9 will get Android 4.0 update this June

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Meizu will upgrade its MX and M9 smartphones to Flyme OS 1.0 (based on Android 4.0) this June.

flyme os 1.0
flyme os 1.0

Meizu's current crop of smartphones will receive a new version of Flyme OS, the company's proprietary skin, underpinned by Android 4.0 this June. In addition to the regular benefits that ICS brings, Flyme OS 1.0 will offer a service to locate your lost phone and "new cloud services," including personal file storage. The upgrade will be available OTA for the Meizu MX and Meizu M9, while the new MX Quad-core will seemingly arrive with Android 4.0 pre-installed. While it may have taken a little while longer than we'd have hoped for, it's good to see a phone as old as the M9 receive Android 4.0, especially as Samsung refused to upgrade the almost identically-specced Galaxy S.