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Samsung slips 'Galaxy S3' reference into Unpacked app

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The description of Samsung's Unpacked Mobile 2012 app includes references to "galaxy" and "s3." The references look like tags and not part of the actual app description, falling short of a definitive name announcement from the company.

samsung unpacked icon 1020 stock
samsung unpacked icon 1020 stock

We were excited as anyone when we saw the keywords "galaxy" and "s3" in the app description for Samsung's Unpacked 2012 app. The app provides attendees at Samsung's May 3rd event in London with location and schedule information, and that "galaxy s3" in the app description would be the first time the company has publicly mentioned the name of its upcoming device. On closer inspection though, it looks like the two words are tags and not actually part of the app description. So far Samsung's been careful to refer to the device as "the next Galaxy," meaning the company could have easily thrown the tags in just for the search hits. While "Galaxy S III" is definitely the front runner in terms of likelihood, we won't know the name of Samsung's next device for sure until May 3rd.