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HTC Q2 revenue forecast 55 percent higher than Q1, but still well below 2011's numbers

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HTC is announcing a revenue forecast for Q2 2012 that's 55 percent higher than its Q1 result. The company is also forecasting higher gross and operating margins.

HTC One X and One S_1020
HTC One X and One S_1020

2012 hasn't been a great year for HTC financially, but things might finally be turning around as the company is forecasting a 55 percent revenue increase for Q2 of this year. Back on April 6th, the company reported unaudited revenues of NT$67.8 billion (about $2.3 billion), a 35 percent drop year-over-year, blaming poor sales of LTE handsets and stiff competition in Europe. Well, for Q2, the company says it's expecting revenue of NT$105 billion (about $3.56 billion), a major increase, but still 15 percent lower than its NT$124 billion result from Q2 2011. HTC is also expecting higher gross and operating margins of about 27 and 11 percent, up from roughly 25 and 7.5 percent last quarter, a notable improvement, but again lower than its 28.8 and 15.5 percent margins in Q2 2011.