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Facebook for Windows Phone update to include threaded messaging and comment likes

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Facebook for Windows Phone version 2.5 announced with a number of new features including comment likes and threaded messaging.

Facebook Windows Phone
Facebook Windows Phone

Facebook for Windows Phone got a rather large update earlier this year, with a new design and better performance, but an upcoming 2.5 release will address some missing features for Microsoft's mobile users. "We’re listening," says the Facebook for Windows Phone team, reading comments, emails, and feedback from the Windows Phone Marketplace to plan features for future releases.

Version 2.5 is "getting close" according to the team, and the update will bring threaded messaging, friend tagging for posts and locations, delete posts and comments, active links in posts, and the ability to like comments. The photos comments and likes page will also be updated to match the posts comments and likes pages interface. Although the changes are fairly minor, they do go some way to addressing some complaints that the Windows Phone version of Facebook isn't a feature complete as its rivals. There is no word on an actual release date but the team says it's in the final stages of testing with a push to the Windows Phone Marketplace expected very soon.