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Nokia says Skype for Windows Phone is 'working well' on the low-end Lumia 610

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Nokia says its Lumia 610 Windows Phone handset will work with the recently released Skype application, despite Microsoft warning that the app requires devices with 512MB of RAM.

Skype for Windows Phone stock
Skype for Windows Phone stock

While Microsoft warned that Skype for Windows Phone users would require a 512MB of RAM handset to install the app, Nokia says its Lumia 610 device with 256MB of RAM is 'working well' with Skype installed. Citing internal testing with the Lumia 610 and Skype, a Nokia spokesperson tells us that "Skype is available for the Lumia 610 in Marketplace and actually works just fine in the latest round of testing that has been done."

Although Nokia says there were "some challenges early on," these are being worked on and Skype is "working well on the Lumia 610." When we asked Microsoft about the situation earlier this week, the company said Skype for Windows Phone "currently requires devices with Windows Phone 7.5 and higher 512 MB of memory," but that it is working to improve the app to "resolve issues and build new features on an ongoing basis." Nokia says there's no warning from the Windows Phone Marketplace for its Lumia 610 upon Skype installation due to the testing completed recently. It's possible that Skype is preparing an interim update, currently in testing, or that it works out of the box on the Lumia 610 — but neither company is commenting on future updates right now.