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Medical marijuana vending machine uses fingerprint recognition for added security

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The new Autospense vending machine makes buying medical marijuana more secure and easier to track.

When you're building a vending machine designed to dole out medical marijuana, security is a major concern — and the new Autospense doesn't skimp when it comes to security. In order to access their marijuana, patients need to go through a multi-step process that includes swiping a registration card, entering a PIN number, and scanning their fingerprints. And that's just during the day — when the marijuana dispensaries are closed the vending machine is locked up in a cage that can only be opened with a swipe of a registration card.

The touch screen-equipped Autospense not only makes the process of buying medical marijuana more secure, but also makes tracking purchases and inventory much easier. As manufacturer The Dispensary Group explains, the machine "legitimizes and introduces a higher standard of business efficiency to a market that is commonly known for being chaotic, poorly managed, and counter culture."