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    Google raises storage prices with launch of Drive

    Google raises storage prices with launch of Drive

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    Google Drive
    Google Drive

    The advent of cloud services — Google included — has generally pushed storage pricing lower and lower over the years to the point where practical amounts of it for personal use have bordered on free. With the launch of Drive today, though, Google's bucking that trend across the board: apart from the free 5GB tier and the Gmail bump to 10GB, storage is now more than twice as expensive at comparable tiers. 200GB, for instance, broke down to $4.17 per month before ($50 per year); that same level will now run you $9.99 per month, or $119.88 per year.

    Notably, the price increase also changes the way Gmail storage works: before, it was completely integrated with your paid capacity. Now, paid customers get "additional but separate" Gmail buckets that appear to be capped at 90GB regardless of plan.

    Here's a quick look at some popular tiers:

    Tier Old price (per month) New price (per month)
    20GB $0.42 N/A
    80GB $1.67 N/A
    100GB N/A $4.99
    200GB $4.17 $9.99
    400GB $8.33 $19.99
    1TB $21.33 $49.99

    The good news is that customers on old paid plans are grandfathered in — as long as you don't let your form of payment lapse and you don't change plans, you can keep the one that you're already on.