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Google Docs now redirects to Google Drive

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For those who are signed-up for Google's new cloud storage service, you'll now find yourselves redirected to Goole Drive when trying to access Google Docs.

Gallery Photo: Google Drive
Gallery Photo: Google Drive

Today Google finally launched its cloud-storage service Google Drive, and for those who have signed up you'll now find yourself redirected to Drive when you attempt to access Google Docs. This only happens if you're signed up for the new service, and you'll still be able to access all of your documents as before — it's just done through Drive now. The change even removes the "documents" option from Google's navigation bar, which suggests that Google might be rebranding its popular app as part of the new storage service. Of course, it also might cause some confusion for people looking for Google Docs who are unaware of the change. Google is no stranger to major rebranding, as we saw when the Android Market became Google Play. We've reached out to Google for comment about the change and what (if anything) it means for Google Docs moving forward.