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Amazon Send to Kindle app now available for Mac

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The Mac version of Send to Kindle has finally arrived, letting you easily send documents from your desktop to your e-reader.

kindle ibooks
kindle ibooks

Earlier this year Amazon launched a PC app that let you easily transfer documents from your desktop to a Kindle, and today it's finally available for Mac users. Send to Kindle on Mac works the same as its PC counterpart, supporting a wide range of files including Microsoft Word Docs, PDFs, plain and rich text files, and images like JPEGs and GIFs. To move files you can either drag them from your desktop to the app or control-click and choose "send to Kindle option," at which point they'll be archived in the cloud so you can download them on your Kindle e-reader or one of the many supported Kindle apps. And for Kindle-formatted files, your bookmarks, notes, highlights, and last page read information will also be synced. You can grab the free download now from Amazon.