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Next Galaxy S 'dummy box' prototype surfaces again, reveals custom menu button

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The dummy body for the Samsung Galaxy SIII has leaked again, this time showing that Samsung has customized the Android menu button for Ice Cream Sandwich.

Galaxy SIII Touchwiz
Galaxy SIII Touchwiz

Another day, another leak of a "dummy box" for the Samsung GT-I9300, a testing unit in a casing that's meant to keep us from knowing what the final product will look like. This time it comes via Chinese forum mobile01, where we can see with greater clarity that the casing is most definitely not in final form. We can also see one more, minor detail: Samsung may have decided that the stock Ice Cream Sandwich software buttons are not to its liking. In addition to swapping the positions of the multitasking and back buttons, it appears that Samsung intends to have a much larger menu button than stock Android 4.0 — so much so that it shifts the positions of the main buttons when present. That's an awfully granular detail, sure, but at least it's an indication that Samsung is giving some thought to how TouchWiz and Ice Cream Sandwich will live together on its next-gen Galaxy SIII hardware. You can see a few more images of the testing hardware at the source link.

Thanks, 123kdd!