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HP refreshes desktop computer line with six Ivy Bridge PCs

HP refreshes desktop computer line with six Ivy Bridge PCs


HP has refreshed its desktop line with six new machines incorporating Intel's 22nm Ivy Bridge processors.

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We knew that PC manufacturers were going to be updating their lines quickly to take advantage of Intel's new 22nm Ivy Bridge processors, and today HP announced six models that will be incorporating the new silicon. All models will feature quad-core processors, and are expected to be available for order through HP's site on April 29th, with retail availability for all but one model to follow on June 24.

For those looking for all-in-one solutions, HP is offering the Omni series, which comes in both 21.5-inch and 27-inch variants, with additional add-ons like Beats audio also available. The Omni 220qd is priced at $999.99, with its big brother the Omni 27qd starting at $1,199.99. If you want to add a touchscreen to the all-in-one equation, the 23-inch TouchSmart 520xt begins at $999.99. If a tower is more to your liking, HP is offering both the Pavilion HPE h8t ($699.99) and the more-powerful h8xt ($799.99). For even more horsepower, the HPE h9t Phoenix — HP earmarks it as being ideal for processor-intensive tasks like video editing — will be available both on HP's site and at retail locations on April 29th for a starting price of $1,149.99.