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New 3DS firmware now available with folder support (hands-on video)

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Hands-on impressions of the new 3DS firmware update that brings with it folder support.

3ds firmware update
3ds firmware update

The 3DS firmware update that Nintendo announced at the weekend is now available worldwide. It adds folder support to the device, allowing users to organize their home screens in a less cluttered fashion. The functionality is simple but effective — tapping an empty space on the system's home screen will give the option to create a new folder, which pops up in place. Adding icons to the folder is a matter of dragging them on top just like in iOS, and you can keep up to 60 applications in each. You can give your folders a name, though you'll only be able to read it on the top screen — the icon itself only displays the first character, so for example folders named Game Boy and Game Boy Advance would appear identical on the touch screen. Folders have been been a long time coming, but they're a more than welcome addition to the system's firmware.