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Deezer expands music streaming service to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand

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Music streaming site Deezer continues its international expansion by launching today in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

deezer logo
deezer logo

Deezer, a French music site that claims to be the world's most popular streaming service with over 20 million users, launches in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand today. Entirely browser-based (although there are apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone), Deezer offers unlimited streaming in the EU for €4.99, with a €9.99 option adding support for the mobile apps. The service has been gaining traction in the UK recently thanks to a partnership with European carrier Orange, and announced plans to expand to 200 countries by June this year at LeWeb 2011. Canadian pricing switches the € sign for CAD$, but Australians will pay a little more at AUS$7.49 and AUS$14.99 respectively. Pricing for New Zealand is not currently available, but we imagine it'll be in line with exchange rates. Deezer has no plans to introduce the service to the US, although we wouldn't be surprised to see the company launch an offensive at some point.

The site has the support of 2,000 labels (including the four majors) and a selection of 15 million songs, which puts it level with both Spotify and Rdio in terms of library size. In addition to streaming individual tracks and albums, Deezer also offers radio channels based on genre or artist, which are available without a premium subscription, and "local editorial experts" who "live and breathe music" to help you discover new music. To sign up for the service you have to use your Facebook account, so we recommend tweaking your privacy settings, unless you want the whole world to know your darkest musical secrets.