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SpaceX launching first commercial flight to International Space Station on May 7th

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SpaceX has confirmed that its Dragon spacecraft will launch on May 7th at 9.38 AM in what will be the first ever commercial mission to the International Space Station.

spacex dragon
spacex dragon

After a series of delays, SpaceX has confirmed the date of its inaugural test flight — May 7th is the day when the International Space Station will accept its first commercial visitor. NASA has approved the company's Dragon spacecraft for a launch at 9.38 AM ET, with the crew onboard the ISS using a robotic arm to help it dock. Dragon will carry 1,149 pounds (521 kilograms) of cargo to the space station and return to Earth with 1,455 pounds (660 kilograms) in a test of the craft's planned ability to provide the ISS with supplies in future. The capsule was already the first private spacecraft to be sent into orbit and back, but a successful docking would be a major demonstration of the viability of commercial space travel.