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Nvidia Tesla GPUs to power EasyGenomics service for affordable DNA sequencing

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A new DNA sequencing platform from BGI is powered by Nvidia's Tesla GPUs to cut waiting times from days to hours.

Nvidia Tesla
Nvidia Tesla

Nvidia has teamed up with Chinese genomics institute BGI to create what's being described as an "affordable, cloud-based DNA sequencing service" called EasyGenomics. The service will feature a hybrid computing system that's powered by Nvidia's Tesla M2070 and M2075 GPUs, which can reportedly speed up the DNA analysis process from a few days to a few hours. The enhanced speed combined with BGI's sequencing platform (which just so happens to be the largest in the world) is expected to provide not only an easy to use platform, but also a relatively inexpensive one. "This could be the year of the $1,000 genome due to rapid decline in sequencing costs," Nvidia's Sumit Gupta explained. EasyGenomics will eventually expand the system with hundreds of Tesla GPUs, and when the service is fully deployed it's expected to support thousands of users with automated DNA sequence analysis — including biologists, bioinformaticists and, physicians.