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Koss Striva headphones stream music over Wi-Fi for $500

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A new line of headphones from Koss lets you wirelessly stream music directly to your ears using Wi-Fi.

Koss Striva Tap
Koss Striva Tap

Koss has unveiled a new line of headphones called Striva that let you wirelessly stream music over Wi-Fi. The headphones can access audio streams over the internet (which can be organized into easily accessible channels using, but also come with a tiny device called a CAP (content access point) that can plug into a phone, laptop, or anything with a headphone jack to wirelessly transmit music directly to your ears. At launch Striva is available in two flavors, including full-sized over-the-ear headphones called Striva Pro, and an in-ear version dubbed Striva Tap. Both use touch and gesture controls so that you can do things like manage volume and switch channels by tapping and swiping directly on the face of the headphones. Unfortunately, neither comes cheap — a set of the Pro headphones costs $450, while the Taps will set you back $500.