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Flickr's new HTML5-based uploader lets you upload bigger files faster

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Flickr is introducing a new HTML5-based uploader, with a number of usability improvements and new features.

Flickr HTML5 uploader
Flickr HTML5 uploader

Flickr is launching a new HTML5-based uploader today, which provides a far cleaner experience when adding your files to the image storage and sharing service. You can now upload images and videos by simply dragging them into the browser, with preview thumbnails allowing you to manage the order of photos, or crop and rotate them before they reach your Photostream. There are also a number of other pre-publication options — it's easier to add titles, tags, groups, and edit copyright options before you share your images with the world.

Besides the new interface, Flickr has changed a couple of significant things in the backend: it promises 20-30 percent faster upload speeds for US users, or between 50-60 percent faster for international users. It's also raised the file size cap to 30MB for free accounts or 50MB for premium, meaning that your super high-resolution panoramas can be shared in all of their glory.

The new uploader works with Chrome 6, Safari 5, and Firefox 8 (or newer), and will be rolling out to all users within the next couple of weeks. These new features are hardly cutting edge — everything from Google+ to imgur already offer this kind of system — but we're sure it's welcome use for dedicated Flickr users.