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3M cloud library system debuts in Minnesota today

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3M will beging testing out its cloud library system at a branch in Saint Paul, Minnesota, which just so happens to be near 3M's corporate headquarters.

Gallery Photo: Bookeen Cybook Odyssey e-reader hands-on photos
Gallery Photo: Bookeen Cybook Odyssey e-reader hands-on photos

3M has announced that it will begin testing out its cloud library service in Saint Paul, Minnesota starting today. The service not only gives libraries access to 3M's catalog of more than 100,000 ebooks to lend out to patrons, but also includes a number of hardware solutions. There are touch-screen enabled kiosks for browsing titles, as well as 3M's own e-reader which can be checked out just like a physical book. And for those who want to borrow titles on their own device, 3M has a lending app that's available for Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, Nook, and Android — though Kindle devices are notably absent. While Saint Paul isn't the first library to trial the service — it's currently available at select libraries in a number of states, including New Jersey, Arizona, and Colorado — the proximity to 3M's Maplewood, Minnesota headquarters makes the new location an ideal testing ground as the company continues to refine the system based on continued feedback.