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Google Ideas helps launch Against Violent Extremism online network

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Today Google's "think/do tank" Google Ideas is helping launch an online network called Against Violent Extremism.

Against Violent Extremism
Against Violent Extremism

Google's "think/do tank" Google Ideas is helping launch a new online network aimed at connecting those who have been affected by violent extremism. Called Against Violent Extremism (AVE), the network was created by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, with help from partners like Google and the Gen Next Foundation. Like any online network, the goal is to bring people together, but AVE is aimed at a very specific subset of the population — both survivors of violent extremism and those who used to practice it.

The hope is that bringing these disparate groups of people together — which include everyone from former neo nazis to victims of human trafficking — will help create ideas that can "push back extremist narratives and prevent the recruitment of ‘at risk' youths." The network features a number of resources, including videos, articles, and information about various member projects. And unlike standard social networks like Twitter or Facebook, not everyone is allowed to join — there's a screening process to ensure the safety of all members.