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Instructables user creates working PIP-Boy prototype, how-to guide

Instructables user creates working PIP-Boy prototype, how-to guide


Instructables user Aleator777 a builds prototype PIP-Boy with open source software, off the shelf hardware, and shows you how to make your own.

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Who hasn't harbored a secret desire to actually own a piece of technology from a video game? Aleator777 of Instructables was particularly enamored with the PIP-Boy from Fallout — a wearable computer that assists the protagonist in their journey around a radioactive wasteland. He was so taken by the PIP-Boy, in fact, that he set out to design, built, and code a working prototype using off-the-shelf parts. He started the project in November of last year not only because of his enthusiasm for the game, but also because he was unsatisfied with other users' PIP-Boy replicas using iPod touches and various props.

He stresses the prototype status of the PIP-Boy, but his creation has a functioning GPS, an RFID reader to "equip" virtual inventory items using radio tags, and even a geiger counter for keeping track of those RADS. Aleator777 uses a 4.3-inch LCD akin to the display on the original PSP, a lock and key for the power switch, as well as an Arduino for code execution and input / output. His custom-coded software bears a striking similarity to the UI of the game, and features rudimentary GPS navigation, geocaching, and other features. Aleator777's labor of love is far from complete, but he encourages other makers out there to pitch in a helping hand. If you think you've got the skills to contribute, or even if you're just a fan of Fallout, the how-to at the source might be just what you're looking for.