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Skitch update lets you save to the Evernote notebook of your choice

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An update to Skitch allows users to select their target notebook in Share settings.

skitch evernote
skitch evernote

Ever since Evernote acquired Skitch last year, we've been hoping for tighter integration between the two. Last month, Skitch started the ball rolling by adding Evernote integration to its popular image annotation and editing app, and now it's adding the ability to select which notebook your Skitch images are saved to. The new setting is accessible from the "Share" pane in Preferences (just click on the gear icon). While the update stops short of letting you switch notebooks on the fly (you need to dig into Settings every time you want to switch), it's still a welcome improvement.

Skitch announced one more update — clicking on the Evernote elephant now sends your image directly to the notebook you have set up, rather than pull up your Evernote preferences. It's kind of superfluous with the big "Share" button in the bottom right, but we understand it's hard to let the elephant go. The update is available now from the Mac App Store.