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Snapguide for iPhone is the first iOS app to get official Pinterest integration

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Snapguide for iPhone has been updated with official Pinterest integration.

Snapguide Pinterest sharing 1020
Snapguide Pinterest sharing 1020

Snapguide, the addictive how-to app for iPhone, was recently updated with the ability to let users share, or "pin", their favorite guides to Pinterest. So long as you've also got the official Pinterest app installed on your phone, you'll see it pop up in the sharing menu alongside the previous options of Facebook and Twitter. It's the first such use of an official Pinterest API we've seen on the iOS platform, though Snapguide tells TechCrunch that it comes as the result of a collaborative effort that might not be indicative of what Pinterest eventually releases to other developers.

The app, which lets iPhone owners construct step-by-step DIY tutorials using the device's built-in camera, has "many hundreds of thousands of users" according to Snapguide CEO Daniel Raffel. He also revealed to TechCrunch that over 7.6 million guides have been shared to Facebook thus far. If that level of engrossment continues, the Pinterest community will be learning how to make a perfect mojito or solve a Rubik's cube in no time.