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Classic arcade game 'Star Castle' finally ported to Atari 2600 three decades later

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More than 30 years after its initial release, the arcade game Star Castle is finally getting an Atari 2600 port.

Star Castle Atari cartridge
Star Castle Atari cartridge

For those that frequented arcades in the early 1980s, you might remember a little game called Star Castle — a great space shooter where you had to destroy an enemy cannon protected by layers of energy shields. It was challenging and fun, but unfortunately it was also too complex for a decent Atari 2600 port. And that fact has bothered former Atari employee D. Scott Williamson to this day, so much so that he spent nearly three years not only creating a working version of the game, but also building and designing terrific box art and a clear cartridge that lights up based on the gameplay.

The problem is there's currently only one physical copy of the port in existence — so Williamson is turning to Kickstarter. He's hoping to raise $10,000 to produce a limited run of cartridges, and while we don't know how many copies it will include, he does say that there are no plans to make more once this campaign is done. In order to get one you'll need to donate $50 or more (smaller donations will get you a digital copy of the game and other extras like the source code) and if you drop $10,000 you can even grab the very first copy ever made. Buying a piece of history can be pretty expensive.