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New York Public Library celebrates John Cage with user submitted videos

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A new archive from the New York Public Library is looking to collect user-submitted videos to honor the career of composer John Cage.

New York Public Library John Cage
New York Public Library John Cage

During his life John Cage helped provide the world with unique ways of looking at music — the most famous of which is probably his composition 4'33" — and now the New York Public Library is creating an equally unique way to honor his career. Called John Cage Unbound: A Living Archive, the project includes a collection of his manuscripts and a series of videos featuring interpretations of his work, but there's also an interactive element. The library is inviting people to submit their own performances of Cage's work and, hopefully, a discussion on why he was so influential — and it doesn't matter what you play. "Do you pluck a cactus?" the NYPL asks. "Slam the lid of a piano? Crumple a piece of paper?" Everyone is welcome to submit, and considering Cage's belief that anyone can make music, we imagine he'd approve.