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Samsung Galaxy S3 pictured in draft service manual?

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SamMobile has posted a purported service manual for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 that includes images of the design and hardware specifications.

GT-i9300 manual
GT-i9300 manual

You can add another piece to the Samsung Galaxy S3 puzzle: SamMobile has what it believes to be a service manual for the GT-i9300 handset, complete with design sketches and hardware specs. The images depict a form factor that resembles the "dummy" phone we've seen so much of lately, but omits the square rim in favor of rounded corners. There's plenty of cause for skepticism, however. In terms of specs, the supposed manual lists a quad-core 1.5GHz CPU, which deviates some from the 1.4GHz Exynos 4 processor the company unveiled less than 24 hours ago.

There's also some differentiation in terms of optics. The camera is pegged at 8 megapixels here, whereas prior rumors pointed to a 12MP sensor. Further, the manual itself looks considerably different from prior Samsung service documents. For instance, the Galaxy S II's manual doesn't contain a summary page resembling what we see here, but again, SamMobile's source claims this could be an early draft. All will be revealed in just a week's time at Samsung's event in London.