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Google X founder takes Charlie Rose's picture from Project Glass headset

Google X founder takes Charlie Rose's picture from Project Glass headset


Sebastian Thrun, who works on Google's Project Glass as well as its self-driving cars and his online university Udacity, has apparently demonstrated taking and sharing pictures on

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Google's Project Glass heads-up display was announced weeks ago, but nobody is sure whether the glasses are actually functional or if, as Sergey Brin has said, "you really just see [them] reboot." In a recent interview with Charlie Rose, Glass researcher Sebastian Thrun (who previously worked on Google's self-driving cars and founded Udacity online university) wore a pair of the glasses to discuss his progress on the early prototype. When asked what they could do, he appeared to take a picture and share it over Google+ with a head gesture. Checking Thrun's page, we found the image above posted April 19th with the comment "I took this picture during the interview."

Thrun also discussed several other potential uses for Project Glass, like composing an email by voice or having messages read to him. He says that current augmented reality has failed because it hasn't focused enough on facilitating interaction between people. With Glass, though, "other people can now see through my eyes." This photo isn't a huge hint on how far Project Glass has come, and we don't have hard proof that it was uploaded through the glasses, but it certainly looks to have been taken and shared during the interview. Thrun has some interesting comments on his other projects in the full video; if you just want to see the glasses, skip to about thirty seconds in.

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