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Wolfram Alpha now available as a $2.99 PC app

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A PC version of Wolfram Alpha's mobile app is now available through Intel's AppUp market.

Wolfram Alpha logo
Wolfram Alpha logo

Wolfram Alpha already offers its brand of computational knowledge in the form of a mobile app, and now it's available on the PC as well. The company has partnered up with Intel to offer the app through the AppUp market, where it's available now for $2.99, the same price as the mobile version. It appears to be largely the same in terms of functionality, but there's been a few interface tweaks to better fit the larger screen. Wolfram Alpha says that the app has been specifically tailored for laptops and ultrabooks. Of course, you can already access the search engine on your computer for free via the website, but the new app appears to provide a nice midway point between the basic service and Wolfram Alpha Pro, which comes with a monthly fee.