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Twitter updates iOS and Android apps with improved search, new Discover functionality

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Twitter has updated its applications for iOS and Android focusing on improved search, enhancements to Discover, and notifications.

Twitter for iOS Android update
Twitter for iOS Android update

Twitter just pushed out updates for both its iOS and Android apps, focusing on improved search and a redesigned Discover interface. Within the latter, a new Activity area keeps track of what tweets are retweeted or favorited by those you follow, and offers a glanceable method of keeping track of the accounts they're following and adding to lists (assuming they're public, of course.) Twitter has also made trending topics and major news stories easier to keep up with, requiring just single taps to view related content.

Searching for users is now an easier process as well, with the service now providing autocomplete suggestions for people you follow whenever you begin typing a first / last name or username. Finally, push notifications have been brought to Twitter Interactions (i.e., when a post of yours has been favorited or retweeted, and when you gain new followers) on both platforms. The update can be found in the iTunes App Store now, though we're not seeing it in Google Play just yet.