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Kodak partners with Samsung to sell printers in Europe

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As Kodak continues to restructure its business in the wake of filing for bankruptcy, the company has now partnered up with Samsung to sell inkjet printers in Europe.


While Kodak and Samsung have quarrelled in the past when it comes to digital image patents, the two companies have decided to join forces to sell inkjet printers in Europe. The pair say that the new "strategic alliance" will feature printers built by Samsung that include proprietary Kodak printing technology — one of the few valuable assets the company has after filing for bankruptcy earlier this year. The news comes as Kodak continues to restructure in the wake of the decline of its film business. Last year it sold off its Image Sensor Solutions division, while just last month it stopped producing slide film due to a lack of demand. As for what Samsung gets out of the deal, the company says that the partnership finally lets it enter the printing market below laser printers, a segment where it "has not been present up to now."