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Best Buy's mobile broadband service, Connect, shutting down June 1st

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Best Buy has confirmed that it is suspending operations of Connect, its mobile broadband service, on June 1st, providing gift cards and other help to its 11,000 existing customers.

best buy thurrock uk_640
best buy thurrock uk_640

If you were one of the 11,000 people who signed up for Best Buy's Connect mobile broadband, you'll soon need to find a new provider. The company has confirmed to AllThingsD that it will "suspend operations" on June 1st, giving WiMAX customers the opportunity to switch to Clear's broadband service and sending a $125 or $150 gift certificate to all users. According to a Best Buy spokesperson, the service was scrapped because the company "can achieve greater growth and customer satisfaction by delivering mobile broadband support in ways other than an exclusive Best Buy branded service," echoing an internal memo posted at Engadget.

Best Buy's own Connect site hasn't made a note of the impending shutdown, but both its hotspot and dongle are currently listed as "out of stock," and we imagine the broadband-connected laptops in stores aren't going to be advertised alongside the service for much longer.