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Netflix on the rise at the expense of kids' TV

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A new report suggests that Netflix is negatively affecting kids' TV networks more than others.

netflix apple tv
netflix apple tv

For some of us, Netflix and other streaming services are rendering the traditional syndicated TV paradigm less and less relevant by the day, but a new report suggests that this is affecting certain channels more than most. Bernstein Research used data from TiVo boxes to find out that, among households that use Netflix regularly, kids' TV networks are losing out — Nickelodeon's ratings declined 6 percent in streaming households despite seeing 2 percent growth elsewhere, and Teen Nick saw an even bigger 11 percent drop for Netflix users while increasing viewership 26 percent in non-streaming households.

Other networks such as CBS, ABC, and NBC aren't seeing such a negative impact from Netflix, and it's possible that in some cases the streaming service can actually drive growth — for instance, if viewers can quickly catch up on a show's previous seasons via on-demand video, they may be more likely to tune into the show's syndicated premiere. Kids, on the other hand, are less likely to be interested in following linear shows for an entire season, and Netflix would seem to be a more convenient way for them to get what they want.