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The Vergecast 028: Google Drive, Chrome OS updates, mining astroids

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The Vergecast sails into its 28th sunset


If you're anything like the Vergecasters, you've had a gaping gavel-sized hole in your heart since the final episode of Law & Order: Orbach Originals was sentenced to death two years ago. And, if you're more than just a little bit like the Vergecasters, you were relying on 2012's Game of Codes: The Goöraculan Chronicles to be engaging enough to cauterize that hole long enough to pen the grisly fan fiction screenplay that would finally fuse the two courtroom dramas in a perpetually dismal yet never dull union in the center of the love triangle of technology, crime, and reality television. If you're a lot like the Vergecasters, the cautery iron was brought within millidegrees of thermal utility by the fiery, populist early testimony of Larry Page only to be plunged into the numbingly dull ice bucket of paperwork / technicality-driven plot twists that would never hack it in prime time.

If you are the Vergecasters, the wound still gapes, you got sick and tired of being sick and tired, and now you're busy enjoying your twenty-eighth gin & tonic on the maiden voyage of the vessel Arkyd and will be Vergecasting from the bottom of a strip mine on Ceres if the Wi-Fi at the Planetary Resources Starbucks can handle it. Smell ya later, earth-wads.