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Ubuntu 12.0.4 released with new HUD interface and improved Software Centre

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Ubuntu 12.0.4 has launched, offering a sleek new heads-up display interface along with several new improvements.

Ubuntu 12.0.4 screenshot
Ubuntu 12.0.4 screenshot

The Ubuntu Project's Mark Shuttleworth provided a sneak peek January at the new heads-up interface being worked on for the Linux-based operating system, and now it has arrived with Ubuntu version 12.0.4 — codenamed "Precise Pangolin." The new HUD provides a quick and easy way to access what were formally-nested menu commands: typing a letter brings up any menu commands that begin with that letter, working as a menu-oriented riff on Google Instant or the OS X app Alfred. Using Software Centre, the operating system's one-stop shop for finding and downloading apps, has also been improved with tweaks to stability and search. Even better, 12.0.4 is an LTS — long-term support — release, meaning you'll be getting support until April, 2017 for the software. If you'd like to check out Precise Pangolin for yourself, it's available for download now. Of course, if you don't feel like upgrading just yet, there's Quantal Quetzal just around the corner.