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Movie rentals for Google Play and YouTube launch in Australia

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A year after they were first introduced, film rentals on YouTube and Google Play arrive in Australia.


Earlier today, Google announced the availability of movie rentals for Google Play users in Australia. After roughly a year of availability in the US and other regions, Australian users can now rent titles from both US and local film companies. Rentals will start at $3.99 AUD for older titles in standard definition and $4.99 AUD in high definition, while new releases will cost $5.99 AUD in standard definition and $6.99 AUD in high definition. Even at the current exchange rate — $0.96 AUD per $1 USD — the pricing is notably higher than US rentals, which start at $1.99 USD for back catalog titles and $3.99 USD for new releases, with small hikes for HD and early release content. In addition to the Google Play website and Android app, users can also rent movies through a new localized YouTube portal, featuring the same library of films and pricing.

Thanks, Mopo!