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145-inch 8K plasma display announced by Panasonic and NHK

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Panasonic and NHK have announced the development of a 145-inch 8K plasma display, the world's largest.

panasonic nhk 8k 145
panasonic nhk 8k 145

Today, Panasonic announced a collaboration with NHK to produce a 145-inch plasma display at 8K (7680 x 4320) resolution —called "Super Hi-Vision" in Japan. The display is the world's first 8K display that doesn't require a backlight, which naturally makes it the world's largest as well. To deal with plasma displays' tendency to flicker at high resolutions, Panasonic and NHK devised a new drive method they claim maintains stability even at 8K. While we still haven't seen the display for ourselves , it should make a great canvas for footage from NHK's 120fps 8K sensor at the NHK Science and Research Laboratory’s open house at the end of May.

Update: DigInfo has now got a video of the mammoth display in action.