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One in five drivers would spend $3,000 to add self-driving to their next car

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A J.D. Power survey shows that 20 percent of respondents would spend $3,000 more for autonomous self-driving car technology in their next vehicle, compared with 37 percent that expressed interest without knowing the price.

google car 640
google car 640

Judging from what Google has been saying to automakers, self-driving cars are still millions of test miles away from actually making it to showrooms, but survey results indicate some American drivers are ready to pay for the technology today. A new survey from J.D. Power and Associates says that 20 percent of vehicle owners tested either "definitely would" or "probably would" spend $3,000 to add fully-autonomous self-driving technology to their next vehicle.

Predictably, there were differences in interest between men and women (25 percent versus 14 percent) and among age groups (37 percent of 18-25ers versus 9 percent of 57-65ers), as well as between premium and non-premium car owners (31 percent versus 18 percent). It looks like drivers were expecting self-driving cars to be cheaper though, since 37 percent of respondents answered favorably before hearing the price.

Call us crazy, but in the US, at the $16.57 median hourly wage being able to get work done during your half-hour commute would be worth about $4,140 a year, which would make an extra $3,000 for autonomous driving a steal.