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Dropbox offers up to 3GB of extra storage for using its new automatic photo and video upload feature

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Dropbox is rolling out an automatic photo and video upload feature for its Mac and Windows applications.

dropbox folder
dropbox folder

Google Drive might be the newcomer on the Cloud storage scene, but that's not stopping Dropbox from pushing out updates to its own service. The company has been testing an automatic photo and video upload feature since February, and it's now rolling out to all Dropbox Mac and Windows users this week.

The feature lets Dropbox users easily import photo and videos from a camera, tablet, SD card, or smartphone, by providing a pop-up screen when a new device with photos is connected to a Mac or Windows machine running the Dropbox client. Photos are then uploaded in original quality, available in a private Camera Uploads folder. To compliment the new service, Dropbox has also rolled out a new photos page with thumbnails and grouping features — accessible through the company's web version of Dropbox. If you're worried about running out of storage then don't be, Dropbox says it will gift 500MB of extra space the first time a photo is uploaded using the Camera Upload feature, and every 500MB of photos you upload will earn you an additional 500MB of space up to a total of 3GB extra storage.