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Facebook launches dashboard to track status of content complaints

Facebook has unveiled a new feature that lets you track the status of any reports of offensive content you've filed.

facebook for ipad retina
facebook for ipad retina

Facebook gives you the option to report any content you find offensive, but the problem is that it's not always clear what happens once that report is filed. The social network is now attempting to make the process more transparent with a feature called the Support Dashboard that lets you follow the status of your complaints. From the dashboard you can see whether or not a report has been viewed by the team at Facebook, and you'll now receive an alert once it has been reviewed. The dashboard also provides some details on why action was or wasn't taken, though won't receive a unique answer — instead a "learn more" link will simply direct you to the appropriate section of Facebook's community standards page. Currently the new feature is only available for reports of photos and timelines, but Facebook says that it plans to add more kinds of content going forward.