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'Max Payne Mobile' for Android delayed, will be out 'in the next week or so'

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Rockstar Games confirmed that Max Payne Mobile for Android was delayed on Twitter yesterday evening, saying that the game would be released "in the next week or so."

Max Payne Mobile
Max Payne Mobile

We heard back at the beginning of April that Max Payne Mobile was coming to iOS and Android devices, with release dates pegged for April 12th and 26th, respectively. While the iOS version was released on time, Rockstar Games posted to its Twitter account the night before the planned Android launch to say the game was delayed and would be out "in the next week or so." The company cited additional testing necessary to make sure the game would work on as many devices as possible — while a delay is a bummer, it's probably worth the extra week in the long run. That said, there's now no official release date, so keep your eyes on Google Play or Rockstar Games' Twitter account next week to see if the game goes live.