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Motorized Lego Tachikoma from 'Ghost in the Shell' walks, rolls, and waves at you

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A motorized Lego version of the Tachikoma robot from 'Ghost in the Shell' has been built and put forward as a potential Lego set, assuming it receives enough community support.

Lego Tachikoma
Lego Tachikoma

We don't make a habit of espousing causes here on The Verge, but we may have to make an exception for this miniature Lego Tachikoma, inspired by its counterpart from Ghost in the Shell. Besides cutting a dashing figure, the motorized set can move its eyes, wave its arm, and zip around on a set of wheels. It can even shift from rolling to walking on difficult terrain. Even better, the designer is lobbying to have it turned into an official Lego set on Cuusoo. The Tachikoma runs on four motors and is built from 897 parts; the creator says that similar motorized sets have sold for around $150.

Cuusoo, which lets individual builders submit ideas for potential Lego sets, was previously the source of these Minecraft designs. In order to be considered, an idea needs at least 10,000 supporters; right now, the Tachikoma is about a third of the way there at almost 3,300 after launching in early April. As usual, licensing is a wild card, but we imagine plenty of people would like to get their hands on the world's most adorable combat vehicle.